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Compete head-to-head against your fellow California FBLA Members for your chance to advance to the State Leadership Conference.

February 18, 2023

Matilda Torres High School

Leadership Team

President: Jacob Hutchison, Redwood HS
Vice President: Alexis Heredia, Mission Oak HS
Secretary: Edgar Guzman, Lindsay HS
Treasurer: Simar Kaur, John Pitman HS

Public Relations: Adam Hacker, Redwood HS
Historian / Parliamentarian: Emma Watson, John Pitman HS
Central Section Director: Mr. Jacob Avila, Redwood HS


Conference Resources

Central Section Leadership Conference Files

GUIDE: CSLC Guide 2023 – Advisers – FINAL
FORMS: Statement of Assurance (Advisers Only), Permission & Medical Release (Required for Members), COVID-19 Acknowledgement & Personal Responsibility Policy (Required for Members)

Adviser Resources

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